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Bar-J Ranch Border Collies

With all the horses and our growing herd of cattle around here, we needed some good herders! If you are looking for a Border Collie that will herd your livestock, catch a frisbee or keep an eye on your place,or be good companion, you've come to the right place! BAR-J Border collies are instinctive herders, have sound temperment and are all ABCA and AKC registered.

Border Collies at Bar-J

About Border Collies

Border Collies at Bar-J

The Border Collie is a well balanced, medium-sized dog of athletic appearance that displays grace and agility in equal measure along with stamina.

The exact origins of the breed are unknown, but it is clear that after the development of dogs used by man to hunt, sheepdogs of various kinds were created worldwide to protect the flocks. Since Biblical times, flocks of goats, sheep, and cattle were the measure of individual wealth. The development of a reliable dog to drive and protect these flocks was a primary concern.

Border Collies are recognized worldwide as the premier herding dog, known for its obedience, trainability and natural appearance. They were given a Herding Group designation and became eligible for full recognition status in 1995.

Males should be 19-22 inches tall, females 18-21 inches. There are two varieties of coat- Both have a soft, dense, weather resistant double coat. In puppies the coat is short, soft, dense, and water resistant, becoming the undercoat in adult dogs. The rough coat is medium to long, texture from flat to slightly wavy. The smooth coat is short over the entire body, may have feathering on the forelegs and fuller coat on chest. The most common color is black with or without the traditional white blaze, collar, stockings and tail tip, with or without tan points. A variety of primary body colors is permissible, except for all white.

They're not at all a dog for the lazy dog owner- these dogs love to move and crave work. They excel in agility and obedience work and should always have plenty of opportunities to vent their energy. A weekly trip to the park is not enough- these dogs need daily activity, especially when young.